Andy "Derby" Derbak (jokerman05) wrote in dazeofanew,
Andy "Derby" Derbak

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A Simple Kind of Something...

Once again, here i am, waiting for a simple kind of something
to come along and take me by suprise
After all, i'm going numb by sitting on all these messed up lies

Can you offer something? A Simple kind of Something? I don't need much, just enough to get me through, enough to get me through this night.

Hands and feet carry your weight, but the weight is slipping from your shoulders, and falling down upon your soul. Come within reach of anything to help you along the way. Anything, something. Looking for that simple kind of something to get through this night.

Need a realization? realize you're not happy, and when it finally hits your brain, those words will come from your lips and kiss this life goodnight. You search for something, a simple kind of something to help you realize.

Small rants get you through life. Complain about anything, everything, something left behind and put in your path. Every little obstacle brings you down, and when the circle completes it's round, you'll search for something. A simple kind of something to realize.

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