Andy "Derby" Derbak (jokerman05) wrote in dazeofanew,
Andy "Derby" Derbak

Back to the Basics...

Taking things to make me whole
Why should i give back what some let go
Fall into this simple little void
that controls and holds it's poise
to follow the leader unto our screwing
of this dressed up little truth

Somtimes, it seems so much
that you have to let go
but bear the burden
forgive whom you may
and realize it's all for the show

Dreaming of a better plan
to conquer and divide this land
so tht one and all may live their life
like they chose to without fight
they will soon be the ones to see the root
of everything that has chosen to be true

Live, die, rise against the next world
fall on back down to do it all again
Live, die, fall into pressures of this burly
yet weak and powerless little system

Find the truth behind the eyes
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