Andy "Derby" Derbak (jokerman05) wrote in dazeofanew,
Andy "Derby" Derbak

Upside Down...

Things are seen in full beauty in different lights.
Lights add color and shade to even the most simple objects.
yet lights take away imagination of what could be in the dark.
Lights add hope to a situation and inversly, take it away.

An apple, simple and pure cannot be seen in the dark.
the sun gives the apple warmth and a softness in it's bite.
a red light gives it a deep and passionate appearance.
a green light gives a joyful yet mysterious appearance.
Why then, in so many different lights, is this joy overlooked?

The gift of life should, as such, seen in different lights.
Life should touch every wonderful spectrum of color
Every Glorious beam of light and shade
Every smell, taste, and touch
that this wonderful existence can withstand.
If beauty and wonder fill every second of life, then why do people take it away?

Why are so many people happy and so many depressed?
How can some see stars yet some just see emptiness.
Some see a man, yet others see a rock.
Optimism and Pessisism are an everlasting battle.
Thus, a human being must see life in every light to understand the answers to these questions.

One can say," I've seen everything in the entire world, and this life can offer me no more."

But i say," You may have seen the shell of everything, but have you understood everything you've seen. Do you know exactly how the Pyramids look at every time of day? Do you know how the Sunset looks in California and in Japan on the same day? Do you know how a child looks when you give them toys, and take them away? You have not see everything, but rather, you've seen yourself become a fool. To say you've seen everything in this Earth, is like saying you've become God of all, and the mystery of life is common knowledge."

Light is what lets us see and what also lets us wonder. Without light, there can be no understanding, and no mysteries.
So rejoice for light, because without it, there would be no joy nor understanding in life.
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