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Looking inward i see black
then a light shines
to show me my life
to show me things i thought i knew
things i thought i loved

i see failed relationships
one's that happened
and one's that will
I see lonely people
people that have loved
and that have lost
I see Earth circling the sun
so predictable
so ordinary

I see the sky folding into itself
and the relief of being new
I see the clouds floating out of the sky
to usher in the moon
I see a life without war
yet uneasiness sets about the country
Tension is the tenants only friend
and they're all gathered at the bar

I see the life i will never life
because I am plain and from misery
I will never stand out in the crowd
unless I paint myself
I am a blank portrait and i like it
i don't want to hold these colors
i want to be whatever life paints me

Is it so obvious
to not crave flesh
to not crave alcohol
to not crave the poisons that make us feel so good

Is it so absurd
to live life the way we want
to not meet expectations
to have fun with the people we care about and love

Is it so wrong
to drink life
to swallow the pill of opportunity
and to live life for what it is worth

if you know the answers to my question
if you have lived and found a way
if you can live, love, forgive
tell me how.

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