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Andy "Derby" Derbak

The latest in Poetry

Civility in One Act

The man sits with his puppets 1
Lifts them by their soul 2
He makes the wife dance 3
as the gentleman sits in his chair 4
The wife bows to greet the gentleman 5
and the gentleman bows to kiss the maiden's hand 6

Oh! They danced on the nimblest of limbs, or lack of 7
Oh! They embraced with life-like passion through wooden eyes 8
How to be there! 9
How the paint did melt off from the friction of their fake hearts 10

The puppets danced until they were neither man nor woman 11
Their paint had dripped off 12
As the man went to grab more paint he laid them down in such a way that they became entangled 13
When he came back with his bucket of social identity, he had forgotten who the gentleman was 14
He tried his hardest to untangle them, trying to always make the gentleman on the right 15
But soon, the wires had snapped and the puppets still stood 16

~In such a way that gravity could not bring them down 17
~The puppets now had control over the show and the paint had glued their feet to the ground 18
~The puppetmaster had lost control over his show 19
and from this stage became the most perfect example of Civil Rights 20

Accidental Death

I killed a bunny today 1
red, white, and gray 2
Fur deposits on the ground 3
flesh was all around 4
It smelled like dead fish 5
Granted nothing; No last wish 6
With the mower of destruction 7
I cut the grass with passion 8
I didn't realize it was hiding 9
It now has no life for fighting 10
the chunks are all that is seen 11
and the blood is now like cream 12
What I saw I can't really say 13
But all I know is red, white, and gray 14


Laughing too loudly 1
We sunk into the couch 2
Slowly my heart raised my mouth 3
My soul was resting on my tongue 4
You took it as your own, so much unlike you 5
And I have yet to ask for it back 6
Your lips glistened with the remains of me 7
I was blinded by this change 8
but you guided me through the halls 9

I raised my hand to feel the vivacity of your complexion 10
You grabbed it to hold it steady against your face 11
Every ounce of life was draining away from my fingertips 12
And I suddenly became your new pet 13
There was nothing I could do 14
Sink or Swim, I was already in the ocean of your heart 15

We stayed there for what seemed eternity 16
Our bodies stayed motionless except for the jerking of our heads 17
I could feel my body begin to shudder 18
and you held me closer 19

Your heart pounded the rythm that I would follow 20
This new beat that was driving me further down 21
We were eye to eye, but I felt below you and above me 22
Osmosis let me know how you felt and I passed it back to you 23

Then the party had stopped 24
The life had flowed back into me 25
I was no longer your pet 26
But you still had my soul 27
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