Andy "Derby" Derbak (jokerman05) wrote in dazeofanew,
Andy "Derby" Derbak

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Watch me

you just have to let go
and low and behold
fantasy will fall in your eyes
take back the things you said
get up out of your bed
and walk onto paradise

you try to deny
and keep me from tryin
to become the one i want to be
open the blinds
let this light shine
sit back, relax, and watch me

the path isn't always made
it's waiting for you to pave
and to wonder aimlessly
but if you put aside your pride
and look past the lies
you'll find you're right where you want to be

In time
you're life will go
but more will follow
and they will see the bread crumbs laid
they can take advice
but why sacrifice
this good thing that has been made

Live it!
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